A touching tribute

When Ginger brought home a six-week old Chow Chow named Bravo, she had no idea how much he would change her life. Bravo was such a loving and affectionate pet; it was no surprise that the love between them grew quickly – so much so that when Bravo and Ginger were separated for an extended period of time, Bravo would barely eat until Ginger returned home. As soon as she walked in the door, Bravo ran straight into her arms and refused to leave her side from that day forward. 

Bravo, the chow chow dog, playing with a toy as a puppy

Years later, Bravo’s routine wellness check revealed that he had cancer. Luckily, Bravo’s pet insurance helped alleviate the financial stress as Ginger cared for him. After nurturing him into his resting place, Ginger found a way to extend Bravo’s legacy and take their bond to a new level. Since his passing, she has run multiple 5k and 10k runs to raise money for animal cancer research. In this way, Bravo will live on for years.

Bravo the dog, a chow chow