5 Tips to Protect Your Pets From Fire Danger

Here are five simple steps you can take today to help keep your pets safe:

#1 Create a disaster evacuation plan that includes your pets

Designate one family member to be in charge of each pet.  Remember, during a fire, your pets will be terrified, and they’ll most likely run to the places they feel most safe.  Know their hiding places, map them out, and add them to your evacuation plan.

#2 Put a pet alert sticker where firefighters will see it‍

Save precious time by letting first responders know you have pets inside by placing a pet alert sticker in your window. You can purchase a pet alert sticker at any pet supply store or create your own.  Be sure to include how many pets of each kind you have and your contact information. 

#3 Pack an emergency kit for your pet

This kit should contain enough of your pet’s food and prescription medications for a few days at the very least. It’s also a good idea to pack a copy of your pet’s veterinary paperwork as you may have to board your pet at a kennel or other facility until you get settled after a fire, and they will require proof that your pet has current vaccinations.

#4 Evacuate your pets on a leash or in a pet carrier

When there are fireworks or smoke, pets can panic and may bolt, making them impossible to find. Put your dog on a leash; you can carry a cat in a carrier.

#5 Leave a door open

If you must evacuate and can’t find your pet in the house, leave a door open that leads to the outside, and then call the pet’s name once you get out. With luck, they’ll hear you and follow the sound of your voice, although this works better for dogs than cats.

It’s also a good idea to frequently check smoke alarms are working properly and keep pet houses or pens away from brushy areas outdoors. 

With a little planning, you can ensure that everyone on two and four legs will be safe in case there is a fire in your home.